Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Modern Crosses Quilt

This is the next project in the Craftsy course I've been working through: Inspired Modern Quilts with Elizabeth Hartman.  The project was really just the center part, but I wanted to make it a bit larger so I decided to add the border.  The quilting is purposefully uneven and wonky to go with the blocks.  The funny thing is, when you're sewing wonky on wonky it's easy to get lost.  Things that are actually straight end up looking crooked and vs. versa.
At first I was going to set the center "wonky" in the border but opted for a border of different widths.  Thee is a two inch difference between the widest and thinnest border but I don't think it looks as "wonky" as I had expected.  Except for the border all of the white fabrics are polka dots of some kind.  Here are a few close ups:

And the back..........I really wanted to incorporate this fabric into the front somehow but the scale of the dots was just too big.  It sort of took away from the crosses.  I have a lot of this fabric since it was on the sale table at my favorite store so I'm sure I'll use it again somewhere.
When the husband saw this on the design wall he said that he liked the green block on the right side of the quilt because it was the "least wonky".   His comment was, "I don't like wonky.  I like things to be straight."  Next I'm on to wonky log cabins.  I'm guess he won't like that one either.


  1. Nina! This is such a wonderful finish! I! LOVE! IT! Isn't it cool to get out of your comfort zone every now and then?

  2. How fun that you used all polka dots on the front colors, Nina. I have mixed thoughts about wonky. I think it's fun to sew and often fun to look at but for me it feels like I'm taking less care with my sewing. I love seeing wonky in the old quilts when it was unintentional. I'm looking forward to seeing your houses!

  3. This looks great Nina, it really works. I finished all my blocks back in January but didn't really like the way it looks so added some extra blocks. It was supposed to be a spring quilt, but then I broke my wrist and wasn't able to finish. I finished quilting it yesterday, will do the binding today and then I'll put a picture on my blog. Then I'll be getting on with the wonky log cabins too.