Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seamus Update

So many of you have been sent me comforting words concerning my recent post about my Golden Retriever's difficulties that I thought a quick update was in order.

The vet advised putting Seamus on a pain reliever because he felt that the behavior and mobility changes were pain related.  We think that Seamus either physically hurt himself in one of his slides down the steps or became scared from the fall and unwilling to risk the activity again.  We have arranged to have the steps carpeted but that won't happen for several more weeks (because at least around here nothing happens quickly).  So as a short term solution we took three latex backed bath mats and cut them to fit on each step.  When he goes up the stairs he tries to step around the mats!  But he does make use of them coming down and the last two mornings he has come down the stairs without any trouble.  He still doesn't join us upstairs during the day like he used to but he does come up for the night.  He also is moving a bit easier and has a bit of a spring in his step so I do think the medication has helped.

So it appears as though the immediate crisis is resolving and while I realize that he is not any younger it is great to see him enjoying himself and comfortable once again.

Thanks to all of you for the comfort of your kind and wise words.



  1. That's great. Let's hope that your problem solving solutions work out well for Seamus.

  2. My oldest dog is 13 and we are dealing with the same kind of issues. It seems like we are seeing the vet a little more these days, but if it provides comfort for our girl, then it is worth it. I'm so happy to hear your Seamus (great name) is better.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that Seamus is doing better. Falling down stairs sometimes puts the older dogs off stairs for a long time. Using tub mats was a great idea. I'll have to remember that. We have wood stairs, too, and I notice that if Hannah's toenails get a little long, she hesitates on the stairs. She's 7 so we'll be going through the older age challenges soon, too.