Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some Good Customer Service

My previous post was a bit of a rant.  And while that incident was indeed frustrating, I know that in the larger scheme of things, what I encountered was an inconvenience and not a major life problem.  There are so many more serious things in life than that.  And so, as a balance my last post, I would like to tell you about two accounts of excellent customer service.  These happened on the same day as my ugly Post Office experience. 

During that same day I went to the drug store to pick up prescriptions.  The drug store is a frequent stop for me of late. Prescription management can get complicated. I expected to find one for my husband and one for me awaiting pick up,  but only mine was there.  When I inquired about his, the clerk checked his record, determined that it indeed was time to fill it and immediately filled the script so that I wouldn't have to make a second trip.  How very nice. 

And next....

I was trying to get a nice picture of my husband and his grandson from his recent visit to frame.  We all know that photography is a challenge for me.  I took several photos of the two and one (only one, I'll add)looked great on my computer. But when I printed it out it was dark and lacked contrast.  I put the file on a USB drive and went to a local independent photo lab and explained my problem.  The clerk could have told me to use the computers in the store, alter the photo, and submit it to be printed. Instead she went the extra mile and altered and submitted my photo herself on the self serve computers available in the store, all while also serving two other customers.  I paid $1.14 for three photos that were ready in an hour and received three more for free!?!  And she smiled.  



  1. post office is very hit or miss. Some offices are nice, and others are like NEXT WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

  2. It's always nice having a good customer service experience, especially after you had a very bad one!

  3. You're right, most customer service is good, yet it's the bad experiences we remember most.