Saturday, June 22, 2013


I don't really know how to title this post and mostly it's a bit of a therapeutic posting for me.  My beloved dog is aging and it's getting more obvious this week.  The last two mornings he has been unable to walk down our stairs.  He goes up fine in the evening, but loses his footing on the hardwood surface and does a not so controlled fall down the flight of steps.  Lately we've had to help him which is no easy task with a dog his size.  And his behavior has been different.  He wants us all together in the same area.  Often he wants to go outside and wants my husband and I to sit outside with him.  And he seems weary and tired lately, but still tries to continue his routine in loyalty to us.  He still walks with me each day and appears to enjoy it.  We go early before the weather gets too hot but still he has a long recovery time when we're done.

We're making a few changes to try to help him out some.  Our stairs have needed to either be refinished or carpeted for some time now.  So, Monday I'm going to call about carpeting hoping that the extra traction will improve his ability to navigate them for a bit longer.  He manages our outside steps and curbs without hesitation, so perhaps a little traction will go a long way.  I've started him on a higher dose of glucosimine/chondroitin medication and aspirin therapy as per the vets orders.  And on his upcoming visit I intend to ask about any other ways to reduce his discomfort and maintain his mobility.

But I need to admit that 12 years old is getting on in years for a Golden Retriever and soon he will have to leave me.  It makes me cry just to type that.  If you could wrap up sweetness, joy, loyalty, dedication and love in a big hairy soft package, you would have Seamus - the best first dog a person could ever ask for.



  1. Such a sad post, yet bittersweet as Seamus is really a beauty, and obviously very loved:-)

  2. I'm so sorry that Seamus is getting tired but what a wonderful life he has obviously had with you, Nina. Take care x

  3. It's so hard to see our beloved pets grow old. We wish they could live forever, or at least as long as we do. I hope the extra effort you make for him will will make it easier on him. Hugs to him from Hannah and me.

  4. I'm so sorry that you're having to face this. It's one of the hardest things; our pets are so loving and giving and so unjudgemental. I'm typing this in bed with my old cat Rosie tucked up right by my side - she'd love to displace the laptop on my lap - and knowing that we're facing much the same things with her now.

  5. (((Hugs)))

    Extra glucosamine should help. It gave our elderly Rocky an extra couple of years of enjoyable life. He let us know when it was time to go, and when that day came, we asked our vet to make ahouse call.