Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Four Footed House Guest

We are dog sitting for son #2's dog while he and his wife have their last big pre-baby vacation.  After a few last minute snafus including waiting until Friday to get a name change on a passport and driving to the wrong airport early this morning, the most recent text he sent me said they were boarding in Miami and would soon be at their destination.  Of course, their luggage may not arrive at the same time due to their last minute check in.

Jackie is a mixed breed 12 year old (same age as our Seamus).  Our daughter-in-law found her as a newborn pup in the woods behind her house left to die.  She brought her home, convinced her father to allow her to keep the dog (which was no small task!), bottle fed her and has had her ever since.  She looks a lot like a Shiba-inu, a Japanese breed.  And she has the best disposition.  Jackie and Seamus get along like they were raised together.  She's sort of adopted our new welcome mat as her back patio spot:

Jackie is also a bit hesitant about our stairs, but at ten pounds we can easily carry her up each evening and down each morning if needed.  I really enjoy having these two together.  In the evening she curls up next to the husband or me and Seamus lies down on the floor near us.  It's really cozy.

We had a little photo shoot in the backyard so that I could take a picture to post.  I tried to get them a bit closer together but I guess they really respect each other's "private space". 
Jackie walks with Seamus and me each morning.  I've tried several ways to walk these two together and this lead seems to work the best.  They each have some independence and they don't seem to get tangled or trip me either:
You can adjust the lead for each dog and there are appropriately placed swivels to allow them to sort of dance around each other without getting tangled.  We found it at PetSmart

So, for the next week and a half, we are a two dog household and loving it!



  1. What fun! And she looks like quite small dog, does she cuddle with you on the sofa?

  2. How cute! Thanks for the tip on the leash! I have two girls of my own!