Saturday, June 29, 2013

Playing With Zippers

As my children young men get older there are less and less things that I can do for them.  So when they express a sewing request I'm always glad to fill it.  It's probably been 30 years since I've put a zipper into anything, but these projects are giving me lots of practice.  I took a bit of a break from quilting to come up with these......

Son #3 is spending his summer taking a few graduate classes, playing volleyball, and climbing the rock wall at his university.  He found it difficult to securely carry his student ID, keys and a bit of cash in his active clothes.  He requested a secure pocket on the inside of a tee shirt.  The first one that I made to his specs had the pocket on the back.  I thought that was a bit odd since how do you access the stuff when you're wearing the shirt?  So on the second version he requested that the pocket be put upside down on the bottom front so that when you want something out of it you flip up the shirt and the zipper is then at the top.  Now he's thinking!

Son #1 lives in a city.  He jogs to work each morning, stops at a gym to shower and change and then goes to the office.  He also was having difficulty finding a good way to carry his phone, wallet and keys.  His request was for a large secure pocket either on the back of a pair of shorts or at the front inside.  So, I made one of each for him to try:

I'll get these in the mail and out to the "beta testers" to see if the goals were accomplished.  At the least I've brushed up on my zipper skills.

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  1. What great ideas for moving men to keep things safe! You are obviously a great seamstress, Nina. I always admire people who can sew zippers. I can hand-pick a zipper but whenever I try to sew one on the machine it's a failure.