Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Large Print" Birds

Our bird feeders continue to get lots of visitors including this lovely bright yellow goldfinch:
My husband has a feeder outside his office window and enjoys watching the birds while he works.  He has even begun to recognize the different types of birds and the different genders. He commented recently that blue jays are like large print birds and are great for "old eyes".  They're big, colorful, easy to see and easy to identify.



  1. Ah yes, older eyes to take more kindly to the large, easily recognisable birds. We enjoy seeing the birds that come into our garden and luckily we don't get too many of the difficult to identify LBBs (little brown birds).

  2. How wonderful that your birds come close enough for you to take such great photos of them, Nina. I suppose if I fed the birds we might have more come to visit.... We used to have a feeder but then the rodents came to visit, too. Ugh.