Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Small Blog Meet

I haven't been too consistent with my blogging this month.  It's the time of year (around here, anyway) that calls you outside to work in the yard or grill or just sit and watch all the loveliness.  I missed last month's Small Blog Meet so I'm writing this early and getting ready!

Sewing-wise things have been a bit slow.  I've been working hard on this quilt:

Can't show you much more because it's sort of a secret.  The quilting part has been a real problem.  I've un-quilted almost as much as I've quilted.  But hopefully it will be done soon and I'll tell you the whole story.

I've also worked on a few small items here and there like this:
They're great for carrying a few toiletries to the gym or office or just organizing a purse or car or a diaper bag.

And I've been knitting in the evenings - at least when I'm not un-sewing the quilt!

And, we had the baby bird excitement this month.

So, on to June.  My main goal is to finish "the" quilt, keep up with my blocks of the month and do another project or two from my Craftsy classes.  I keep being drawn to other classes, but I've told myself that first I need to finish the ones I've started.  I also signed up for another mystery quilt through the local guild.  It will be fun to see how that turns out.

I can't promise that my blogging will be any more consistent but I do enjoy keeping up with you all and gain lots of inspiration from your posts.

I'm linking up with Lily's Small Blog Meet this month.  I think I should get a lifetime membership.  You can link up until you have more than 50 followers for you blog.  That might take me awhile!


  1. Hey Nina, there's no pressure - you blog when you want to. It's always lovely to see what you're up to :)

  2. Your organiser looks so useful, perfect for holidays. I don't think having lots of followers is so great, I have about 70, but only a few of them comment consistently and that's quite enough for me to keep up with. I'd rather have a few followers that become friends.