Friday, April 6, 2012

Diet Update

I feel compelled to provide a diet update more for myself than my "ghost" readers particularly since this blog started out as a spot for a sort of accountability on my diet progress.  To recap, I accomplished my weight loss goal for 2011 and hoped to lose a mere 10 more pounds in 2012.  I think slow is better, but the downside of slow is that at times it's difficult to tell if you're making any progress.  Well, I can confidently say after three full months that I am not making any progress.  I can't seem to break through the 133 pound spot with any permanence.  I'm still walking the dog daily, eating my two servings of fruit and veggies almost daily, watching the snacking, not eating after dinner, drinking water.....but I'm pretty much at parade rest.  Now the good news is that I'm not gaining weight again as has been my history.  I still think that a second dog walk/day would be a good addition to my activity and perhaps help with the weight loss goal, but I don't seem to be able to accomplish this.  I sort of fade around 4PM.  Perhaps I need to set an intermediary goal like, a second walk three times a week?  I'm sure Seamus (my sweet Golden Retriever) would love that!

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