Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Fractal Quilt

I have finally finished the fractal quilt for son #3!!  This was fun, but challenging and at times I just wanted it to be finished.  As with all my quilts, there are parts that I am happy with and parts I would do differently if I made it again.

I posted about the pattern during the construction of the top.  So, not to repeat myself, you can read about the fractal itself here.  I quilted this together using a space filling curve.  This is also a "math thing" which turns out to be an awesome way to quilt large areas.  I used the peano curve which fit this design perfectly.  The borders are quilted in straight lines.  There was a lot of work in this one, but I think son #3 will like it.  Here's the back....
 And a few close ups for detail.....

And now the things I would change:  First off, I wasn't too happy with the back.  I think I would use one solid color on the back to show off the peano curve better.  But, in my defense, I was so in love with the triangle fabric that I would have been very disappointed if I didn't use it somewhere on this project.  I should have left it for something else. I decided to attach the binding by machine for the sake of durability, but as usual I wasn't happy about the results.  Every time I try this, I wish I had done it differently.  Maybe this time I'll learn.  For the first time I had trouble the batting "bearding" through the fabric.  I think this is because of the dark blue color since that's where I noticed the problem most.  I also discovered why some people like to use a plate with a single hole for some straight sewing.  When you're dealing with the bulk of a quilt sometimes the needle gets pulled one way or another and messes up the stitching making it necessary to break thread. So, I may put one of those plates on my wish list and watch for a sale on accessories.
So, that's it for the fractal.  I'm making two awesome pillows to compliment the quilt and then it's on to another project.  I've slowed up a bit lately between yard work and traveling.  In fact, I'm considering a hand sewing project to take to the beach on our trip in June. 

Questions and comments are welcomed from all my invisible readers.  In fact, you still have the opportunity to be my very first online comment!! 

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