Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Craftsy Block of the Month: June Edition

This month's Craftsy block was the most difficult block I've ever done.  I had to watch the video twice - in some sections three times.  I've learned a lot about piecing and I don't think I would like to make an entire quilt of this block.  In fact, some of these blocks make me really lean to the side of modern quilt construction where wonky is OK.  But, I'm happy with the result.  I think it's sort of funny that the points line up better here than in my simplier pinwheel blocks from last week.  As some of you suggessted, I relied more on my pinning and was much more careful with pin placement and leaving them in as long as possible.  It really did seem to make a difference. I think this is my favorite block of the bunch:
Here's all the blocks placed approximately where they will be in the end:
At the half way point, here are some of my thoughts:
  • Even though I used the same colors and fabrics, the blocks don't all "read" the same.  Some are much busier than others.  And overall, at this point it looks a bit disjointed.
  • I like the calmness of this month's block and it's probably significant that there are only three fabrics used.
  • The husband isn't keen on this color combo.  I know it's a bit unconventional, but I sort of like it.
  • I might not make this into one large quilt, again because it doesn't seem unified.  Perhaps a smaller quilt using my favorite blocks and then some other items out of the remaining blocks.
  • Lesson learned:  a good composition is more than just colors that go together and even more than just color value. Some prints are more "serious" than others and some play better with others.
So, again, this project is teaching me a lot about choosing fabrics as well as basic construction. There are two more large blocks left: one appliqued and one with tumbling blocks.  I'm anxious for the tumbling block lesson.  I dove into an entire quilt of blocks early on before I even knew how to cut them out.  More corners were mismatched than matched but back then I was just glad that I got it to lie flat and be quilted!  You can see it here.  I didn't take many close ups of the points, though.


  1. Oh, Nina, you star looks fabulous! I think complex blocks like that must take a lot of patience -- or love. After you finish the rest of the blocks for this quilt, you may decide you like them all together after all.

  2. That block is brilliant, I don't think I'd have nearly enough patience for it. I really like your colour choices, very modern looking. Like Nancy, I reckon that once you have all the blocks together you might like it better.

  3. Your blocks are excellent, only when all the blocks are made can you see the finished look.

  4. It's coming along great! You live and you learn as far as blocks are concerned, at least that's the way I feel about it!