Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diet Check In

Well, I thought it was only fair that I mention how the old diet is going since that was my primary purpose in starting this blog.  In general I feel that I'm eating healthier and I have lost a few pounds, but nothing dramatic.  My brain knows that the dramatic weight is not really what I'm looking for since those loses seldom stick, but it sure would encouraging to see more loss, to button my pants a bit easier and to have a little less of a "muffin top" when I wear my jeans.  Truth be told, the slower, the better if I can keep up the eating habits.  I'm doing fair with all three of my added changes (extra fruit, walking and no snacking at night) and in general I'm making better eating choices throughout the day.  I think I just need to keep at it and wait for the rewards.

I'm not walking today.  The winds here are incredible and there are several brush fires that have made the air very unpleasant.  You can even smell the smoke inside the house with all the windows and doors closed.

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