Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Is In the Air

We had one wonderful week of 60 degree temperatures and sun.  There was one day with fierce winds that caused some killer wildfires that are still smoldering and now we are back to a more seasonal cloudy 45 degrees.  45 degrees didn't seem so bad two weeks ago, but after that taste of spring it feels bitter cold.  The good news is, though that with February almost over, spring can't be far behind.  I have to admit, though that I've always considered March the longest month of the year.  It has nothing to do with it's 31 days, but rather with it's place on the calendar.  March promises spring but seldom delivers.  We've had some pretty big snowstorms in March.  It has none of the fun holiday's of February to break up the weeks.  But this year we get to change our clocks in March - on the 13th to be exact.

I think the scale is slowly showing some loss.  I'm sort of waiting for my doctor's appointment to declare any real success or failure. I will say that I'm definitely eating less and making healthier choices.  And as far as my three changes:  the extra fruit is happening about 60% of the time; I'm getting my walks in about 85% of the time and the no munchies after dinner, maybe 90% of the time.  That has to count for something, right?

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