Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breakfast Ponderings

I've always been a breakfast eater - not a big breakfast eater, but I always have eaten something in the morning.  I think this was my mother's urgings during my growing up years.  Now, the funny thing to me is that when I eat a "good" breakfast (usually oatmeal with fruit or baked oats) I consume more calories than a less good breakfast (usually toast with Laughing Cow cheese or an english muffin) and the good breakfast doesn't seem to have any additional benefit throughout the morning.  I'm no less hungry by 11am, no perkier, no nothing.  I've just used up more of my calorie allotment and maybe feel a bet better about my nutrition.  Supposedly the oats are lowering my cholesterol, but I think I've maxed out on that benefit.

Maybe we just file that under "mysteries of dieting" and move on with life.

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