Monday, February 14, 2011

The Basics

OK, so let's set the starting point. Actually, this new endeavor to lose weight started about a week ago.  Maybe it was the new year, maybe it was my recent retirement, maybe it was the onset of health issues in family members - but whatever the reason, I decided to once again get serious about losing weight. 

I'm short at five feet and no inches, so it doesn't take many pounds for me to look pudgy.  And clearly weight makes one look older.  And weight makes clothes fit funny or not fit well.  And if you read information on just about any disease from diabetes to heart disease to even some cancers, the lifestyle change always mentioned is to lose weight.  And it doesn't take much weight loss to make one healthier.  So, that's why my realistic goal has been 15-20 pounds.  My starting weight (I can't believe I am putting this in print) was 145 making my BMI too high.  Oh, I should mention here that I am NOT a compulsive weigh-er.  Weighing myself each day is not motivating to me.  I prefer to weigh in maybe once a week.  So, don't expect frequent updates on that matter.

One other thing.....I don't expect a following on such a self centered issue, but in case I have readers please know that this is my first attempt at blogging and I'm learning as I go.  I'm putting this activity under mental exercise that helps in preventing cognative decline.

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