Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Best Exercise Equipment EVER

On the diet end of things, I thought yesterday was a particularly difficult day.  I really don't know why, but I found myself slipping in a way I'm all too familiar with....a chip here, a cookie there, a taste of this or that and before you know it, I've eaten too much.  I'm not sure if men can appreciate how difficult it is for women to lose weight.  We're generally smaller so our allotted calories are less.  In fact many restaurants serve my entire daily calories allotment in one meal.  So it doesn't take much to stray off the path.  And just like success breeds success, so does failure breed failure.  But, it's the first thing in the morning and so far, my intake is perfect.  That's how I like to look at it anyway.

What I really wanted to talk about was my very best exercise "equipment".  I've owned the usually assortment of home exercise equipment that seems so wonderful at first and eventually just takes up way too much space in a home ending up at the neighborhood yard sale.  I've belonged to gyms, taken exercise classes, bought videos and joined contests to see who could walk the farthest or collect the most points for doing physical activity throughout the day.  I've walked for breast cancer, alzheimers, heart disease and whoever else was walking.  BUT.....the one thing over the years that keeps me walking day in and day out, season in and season out is my beloved Golden Retriever, Seamus.  He doesn't nag, he doesn't complain and he is always ready to walk.  In the winter we wait until the warmest part of the day and in the summer we catch the cool morning or evening.  Our walks around the neighborhood are just about onemile.  He loves to greet everyone we meet - those with two legs and those with four.  In that way he even brings an element of social outlet to our walks.  He's getting on in years with his ninth birthday just behind him but I"m hoping he will be with me for a long time yet.  Occasionally we get in the car and go for a special walk to a local park or arboureteum.  He is especially fond of those.  His picture is on the side of this blog showing him swimming in the local pool.  Every Labor Day before they empty the pool, they allow dogs (and their owners) to swim in it.  He had the time of his life!

So...I'm putting yesterday behind me and I'm off to a new day when I can eat as I should, exercise as I should and share the companionship of one of God's best creatures EVER.

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