Friday, January 11, 2013

Attention Retail Stores: Please Bring Back the Man Chair!

You remember the man chair.  It used to be available in every department store or woman's clothing store .   To quote the Urban Dictionary

A man chair is the chair that men sit in while their partner is shopping for long periods of time. They can be found in almost any clothing or shoe store. What can we, as men do while our gf's or wives are shopping, we can sit in a man chair.
I shopped longer and bought more in stores with a man chair.  My husband was happier and more comfortable and even glad to visit these stores with me.  One of my favorite little clothing stores once had a comfortable upholstered man chair.  Then one day I visited and it was removed and then latter replaced....but with a metal folding chair; better than nothing but not exactly inviting.
Two of my local fabric stores have nice comfortable man chairs and one even stocks magazines near the chairs.  While I often go to such stores alone it's nice to have the option of going with the husband and the chair makes ALL the difference in the world.
So, attention retail stores:  Here's one giant vote for a man chair in every store.  It sure helps me spend more time in your store, it helps my husband like your store more and in the end, I buy more.  And isn't that what it's all about?                                                                                                                                       


  1. Hear hear!! I also vote for the man chair!
    Nothing worse than trying to get your spend on with a whiney man in tow.
    E xx

  2. My LQS has an area with four chairs and a coffee table and unlimited free coffee or tea. One of the owners is a man who will always sit and chat with any men that visit, making them coffee or tea and offering biscuits. It's a life saver for any men that visit who aren't interested in buying fabric.