Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Super Power

I've noticed that once women get to a certain age, most of them develop the super power of being invisible.  In most social settings young women are noticed at least to some extent, but once you pass some boundry suddenly you are invisible.  Comments in a small group are not directed your way and you're not exactly ignored, but neither are you noticed.  Getting sales help in a store becomes more difficult and these things don't depend on the age of the other people.  You're invisible to both genders, too.  In fact, the only people you aren't invisible to are those women in your own age group or anyone 20+ years older than you....and then only if there are no women under the age of invisible.  I miss being visible, but occasionally it can be peaceful in the midst of a crowd.  So, I wonder - do men ever feel that they become invisible at some age?   Comments welcomed.

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