Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Does This Search Thing Work??

One more comment for today.  I'm still a little focused on the total lack of traffic here and I've stated before that having readers for my posts was not the original intent of my decision to blog.  And yet.....I have to wonder when I "google" this blog by name or by key words, I come up empty.  In fact, the blog title in quotes is a googlenope.  Is this a function of time. Are the bots overworked and will find this spot eventually?  Is search now advertisement driven leaving personal ramblings out in the cold?  Is the internet now just so crammed full of "stuff" that you need something special to perk to the top of the search?  My son told me that maybe if I link to some other blogs that makes the search engines happier.  I'm not so sure if it makes them happier or if it just sort of connects you into the whole blog network.  None the less, that's next on list - sharing the names of blogs that I follow.

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