Saturday, April 6, 2013

Country Threads Block of the Month: April Edition

I've finished up my Country Threads April blocks of the month:

Here are all of them together, January to April:

This is a fun project to work on simply because it's so very traditional.  I'm not sure that all the blocks work together but I'm going to wait until the end before I decide that anything needs to be redone.  I've always liked churn blocks so it was fun to have a reason to make a couple.

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  1. This post prompted me to consider doing a sampler quilt. And then I started wondering about colors and fabrics and if it's a block/week or /month sampler, would all the colors have to be the same or similar. And that prompted me to look online for sampler quilts and see how other, earlier quilters used colors in their samplers. What I found was that some stuck to a narrow color range and some had a wider color range. I like your colors. We'll see if I begin one or not....

    The churn dash blocks are interesting. It seems that they come in all sizes and all widths. The ones I usually see are bigger, proportionately, then these, but I like these a lot. Great progress!