Wednesday, February 6, 2013

From Rags to Rugs

The first quilt I made during my "post retirement" era was a tee-shirt quilt for Son #1.  It was an ambitious endeavour given my lack of knowledge of all things quilting and since then I've learned SO much.  For some reason I saved the leftover parts of the tee shirts (probably for the same reason that I've saved widowed socks for 20 years).  During my aimless web searching I came across mention of making a braided rug out of tee shirts.  So I dug out the scraps and, much like the way I dove into a quilt project without knowing much, I started to braid. I like the result enough that I'm thinking of making a matching rug. It was a fun TV project since there are no small parts to strain tired eyes and it's easy to start and stop whenever you want.
I was actually going for a more oval shape but this shape will do.  Call me silly, but this rug just reminds me of so much.  When I look at the orange and maroon I remember Son #1's days at Virginia Tech.  When I see the black and white I think of his high school days and the red, white and blue came from his Domino's Pizza work shirt.  I was concerned that it wouldn't lie flat but a bit of steaming with the iron and it all fell in place.  If you can can make this!


  1. I saved my daughters' baby socks that were no longer part of a pair. I have been thinking of turning them in to sock owls but they are too cute and I can't bring myself to do it.

    1. I know what you mean. Sometimes you just want to hold on to stuff. My boys are all in their 20's. I still have a small box of baby shirts, blankets and shoes from their childhood!

  2. Oh, Nina, your rug looks so bright and cheerful. Isn't it fun to recognize parts of old clothing/fabric in new items. They just bring back such memories! You did great with this rug!