Monday, February 4, 2013

House for Rent

I know the weather (at least here) is still quite chilly and spring seems a long way off.  But, just in case there are some homeless birds looking for a place to nest and start their family, I put up my new birdhouse.
This house suctions to the window in my sewing room studio.  I don't know a lot about attracting birds to houses, but I choose this location because it's high, safe and quiet.  It's not the same window as the feeders and since it's on the second floor the neighborhood cats can't bother it.  It's made to allow me to spy on the bird family.  And if that seems to bother them it comes with a piece of "two way" film allowing me to see them while concealing the bird's view of me.  I think it's secure since we've had quite a bit of wind the last few days and it has stayed put.

No deposit, no lease, no minimum stay.  Limited to species that can fit through the door.


  1. That is so cool! I can't wait to see who the new tenants will be!

  2. It will be such fun to watch the nest-building process, watch mama feed the babies, and then see them learn to fly. I hope you get cardinals or some other interesting and bright birds to watch.