Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Socks, and Catalogs and Bags, Oh MY!

January is moving along and it will soon be time to consider how those New Year's resolutions are progressing.  Some have been easier than others, as expected.  But today, I gathered my courage and de-cluttered my "widowed sock" basket.  Widowed socks are those without mates.  As they would emerge in the laundry over the years, I would set them aside because often the mate would show up a week or more later.  And, usually the socks were bought in large packs so they could be repaired with similar socks whose mates left them.  Logical and economical, right?  But at some point all frugality can blur into obsession.  Many of these socks have been around for 20 years and I bet I even moved them during the last change of residence.  (I see your smiles, hear your gasps and believe me, I'm practically blushing with embarrassment. But they say that the first step is admitting you have a problem.)  I know that old socks make great rags sometimes and as a youth I made many potholders out of cut up old socks.  But, alas, there are way too many rags and pot holders also in my house.  So, finding an immense amount of will power I managed to throw this all away:

OK, so that's not totally true.  I saved two socks that are still current in the husband's wardrobe.  But, the rest are in the trash.  And, if I'm smart I will put that trash bag at the curb before I change my mind.

But I didn't stop with socks! Stopping clutter is often a matter of slowing the tide of stuff coming into the house to start with.  We get an enormous amount of catalogs in the mail.  We order a lot online and then I'm sure the address is passed around to other companies.  Some catalogs I enjoy but some sell merchandise we would never need. There is a great site called Catalog Choice.  By signing up and following their directions you can tell the company, "No, thanks. Please don't send me anymore." It's free.  You have to have the catalog in front of you because they ask for the exact name it is addressed to and some numbers on the back to help you be accurately removed from the mailing list.  It doesn't always work, but every little bit helps! 

Secondly, I'm on a "no more bags" campaign.  I try to remember to bring those reusable shopping bags with me to every store.  I do reuse the disposable bags to line trash cans and other household chores, but I have plenty for at least a year!  And, of course since I"m not 100% in remembering sometimes I do add to the collection.

And, lastly, in the virtual world, I've unsubscribed from many retail emails that I have no interest in.  Occasionally I will agree to a once a month email from the company, but honestly, some badger on a daily basis.

I'd better go,  There is trash to dump before I come up with a new use for old socks.


  1. Oh, that sock fairy, what does she do with the single socks she pinches? Probably adds them to her teaspoon collection. It sounds as if you're making a good start with your de-cluttering. I tend to be a bit ruthless so I don't have much of a problem, but DH does and has spent the last week trying to steel himself to get rid of shirts he'll never wear again and DVDs he'll never watch again.

  2. Nina, my gasp at your socks was because we, too, have socks that may be 20 years old. I have trouble throwing them away. They do make great dog toys, though, if you have a dog. (I can't remember.) We tie two together then tie another knot om each sock and play tug. Sometimes we put a squeaky toy in the toe and tie a knot.

  3. Nina, I came to let you know that I've given you the Liebster Award. I like your blog a lot and hope others will come visit. You can learn more about the award at Congratulations!