Sunday, February 17, 2013

Girl Quilt: The Rest of the Story

It's been almost a month since I posted about the challenges of this quilt and how little things just kept going wrong as I sort of designed it as I went .
There were times when I really didn't like this quilt at all and wished I had never started it.  But I like the conclusion much better than each chapter.  In the end it seemed to all come together.  Even the quilting itself kind of "developed" as I went along.  I had decided to do diagonal lines on the center avoiding the decorative stitching and then straight lines between the blocks and free motion loops around the borders all in a bright pink thread.  Then I went back and free motioned some squiggles on the solid grey rectangles.
The back is a bright pink fleece.  And I decided to get some more machine embroidery practice in and embroider the label.  This quilt has no intended recipient so I just labeled it with my name and year of construction just in case some future generation starts to wonder about it's origins.
The top pictures are my first attempt at photographing a quilt vertically!  I think I'll eventually like this system.  The husband mounted a cork strip for me above a closet door.  The strip only came with two screws, one for each end.  So we need to tweak it a bit with some more screws in the center to handle the weight of a quilt.  And it turns out that thumbtacks aren't up to the task of holding the quilt either, but the clips in the picture work well.

I also need to give credit the my husband for the binding color.  When the quilt top was lying on the bed he said that he thought the color of the existing bedspread really set it off.  He thought I should add an additional dark grey border.  After all the border issues I had with this there was NO way I was going to push my luck with another border but I decided to use the dark grey color in the binding and it does seem to frame things out nicely.

So all that's left is to find a recipient! 


  1. I didn't remember you posting about this before, Nina, but I think the quilt turned out great. I like the detail of the patterned grey pieces on some of the blocks; the combination of pinks and purples and their placement; the scrappy inner border; and the patterned grey fabric for the outer border. Well, I REALLY like that patterned grey outer border. The quilt is just lovely!

  2. Your quilt is very modern and looks awesome! Whoever the recipient is, is very lucky!