Monday, February 25, 2013

A Quilt Packed Weekend

My dear, dear husband and I spent the weekend at the Mid-Altantic Quilt Festival.  It was my first time at an event celebrating all things quilting and I felt like a little girl in a candy store!
I had two days to look around at beautiful quilts and numerous vendors.  Even though I choose not to participate in a workshop or attend a lecture I feel like I learned SO much from watching some of the vendor demonstrations and asking questions.  The crowd was so pleasant!  The vendors were all so helpful.  The factory rep for Superior Threads spend 30 minutes giving me my own "tutorial" comparing and contrasting different threads! There were several places to sit when you needed to and even a nice concession stand with resonably priced offerings.  On Saturday my husband went to the show with me and even he enjoyed the experience!  It will take several posts for me to "download" all the info, but let me leave you with a few pictures:

This quilt was made by Peggy Kragnes of Felton, MN.  She named it "Green Miles".  It was made using green fabrics gathered on a 7000 mile road trip with a patient husband.  I think this was my favorite quilt of all.  But, I also liked:


This last one was had some interesting machine stitch detail that made the squirrel tails look fluffy.  My phone picture really doesn't do it justice.  It was made by Barbara Barrick McKie of Lyme, CT. She named it Backyard Entertainers.  The pictures are "digitally manipulated and printed on cotton, machine pieced and quilted on a home machine."

There's lots more to share.  At some point I actually stopped taking pictures because, honestly I could have photographed every quilt. They were so stunning.  It was inspiring, humbing and challenging all at once.  Just a great, great weekend!!

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  1. The feathered star is stunning. Perhaps some year I will attempt something that looks so difficult to make. I'm impressed that your husband went with you and enjoyed it! Lucky you!