Friday, February 8, 2013

A Two Time Leibster Award Winner!

Yup....Kevin the Quilter, one of my nominations decided to re-nominate me!  Since it would be difficult to come up with 11 more nominations he agreed that I could limit my "acceptance speech" to the 11 questions he has posed.  I told him I would also try to come up with 11 random things about myself, but I'm not sure there is that much more to tell!  So here goes.  His questions are:

1. Who is the person most responsible for introducing you to quilting?  My mother introduced me to sewing at a young age.  She could sew anything but she never made quilts.  We lived in the north and no one made quilts back then. The funny thing is that when I decided to get back into sewing once I retired I was NOT going to quilt!  But I made one and then two and then before you know it I was quilting.

2. What is the first quilting project you ever made, and how old were you when you made it?  The very first quilt was made when I was 20.  My Dad had recently died and I asked my mom if I could have his handkerchiefs.  I just used them as "blocks" and created a very simple quilt.  I still have it and someday I'd like to improve on it with some additional quilting.  The first one I made during my current stage was a tee-shirt quilt for Son #1.

3. Who is your most favorite quilt designer?  I"m embarrassed to say that I don't know many quilt designers so I'm not sure how to answer this one.  But I do like variety.  I like Bonnie Hunter's scrappy style but I also like modern style quilts also.

4. How many quilting projects have you made to date?  During my "pre-retirement" period I made two.  The one I mentioned above with handkerchiefs and one made from my husband's childhood bedspread.  During my current quilting stage I've made 12.

5. What is your most favorite breed of dog?  Golden Retriever

6. What color is the shell on the eggs you eat? White - but I support egg color diversity!

7. What is the longest flight you have ever been on, and where were you going?  I've been on three rather long flights in the last two years.  I think the longest was Washington, DC to Los Angeles.  But, Kevin, you're the expert here....the other two were LAX to Hawaii and Washington DC to Heathrow.

8. Which is your most favorite city to visit?  I don't visit a lot of cities even though I grew up right across the river from New York.  I loved visiting London last year with my sister.  Domestically I liked Washington, DC and Seattle.

9. Where is the best Quilt Shop you have ever been to, and what is it’s name?  The best quilt shop that I've ever visited is The Red Rooster in Dublin, Ohio (just outside Columbus).  Not only do they have a great fabric selection but the staff is super friendly and the store is arranged in a way that just inspires you to create.

10. Do you have a large or small family? I think we would rate as a large family although each generation seems to be getting smaller.  My mother was the oldest of 7; my father the middle of 13 in a blended family.  I'm the youngest of 4. The four of us have a combined 10 offspring.  Of those 10 only 1 has had children and he has 3.

11. Have you ever gone fishing? If so, what is the biggest fish you have ever caught?  Yes - I actually fish often.  Most of our fishing is in local lakes and ponds, but a few times a year we do surf or off shore fishing at the beach.  The biggest fish I caught was a Mahi Mahi that came in at about 7 pounds.  I have to say, though that charter boat fishing doesn't do it for me.  The guys on the boat decide where to fish, they throw the line, tell you when you have a fish on and then you reel him in.  Give me the smaller fish where I'm actually fishing any day.

11 Random Things:
  1. We fly the American flag outside our home.
  2. I was a Cub Scout Den mother - once.
  3. I hate to go to the dentist but I go every six months like a good girl.
  4. I played the clarinet (poorly) in high school.
  5. I can't sing AT ALL.
  6. I like to do the crossword puzzle in the newspaper but I'm not too keen on crossword puzzle books.
  7. I hate to camp.
  8. I've always wanted to run the Amazing Race.
  9. I drive a hard top convertible.
  10. I can't sleep on a fluffy pillow.
  11. My favorite cake is Devil's Food.
Whew...that was a lot of stuff.  Kevin, thank you for the re-nomination and the fun questions.

Now, back to sewing.....


  1. I had to google Devil's food. Looks goooood

    1. My mother had the best recipe! It was made with some coffee in the batter and I liked it without icing...just dusted with powedered sugar.

  2. Hi Nina. Found you through Heart of Charnwood. I enjoyed reading both your Liebster Award posts. Look forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. Awesome! It's so nice to get to know you better!