Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Musical Blocks

When I'm given the task of arranging blocks at random, I find it difficult.  I over think the whole process. 
 I took home these blocks from Saturday's guild meeting and will sew them together into a quilt center. The only criteria is to alternate the four patch blocks with the solid blocks.  I've had them on my design wall for most of a week now. (BTW, I love saying that I have a "design wall". It's the same cork strip that I used to take vertical pictures of  the girl quilt with a large piece of felt to hold the blocks on) And about every day I rearrange the pieces a bit trying to find an arrangement that I'm satisfied with.  It's like the game of musical chairs.  Eventually the music will stop and I'll need to sew them together Hopefully the final arrangement will be suitable.  Taking pictures of the arrangements really helps, though. Your eye seems to take in the whole picture better when the overall size is smaller.  If anyone has a  feeling on the block placement I'd welcome the input - at least until the music stops!


  1. Yes, design wall :-) I want one. I currently have a design floor. I always find layout tricky. Sometimes I get my daughters to do it. That way I can blame them :-)

    1. I had a "design bed" before this. I like the wall idea, but I found an even better way to do it at the quilt fair that I'll share soon. Someone even had a free standing design wall made of that plastic piping that you could fold up when not using it.