Thursday, April 4, 2013

A "TV" Project Finish

We watch a bit too much TV but I've stopped feeling guilty about it.  It actually has several benefits that get little press. The husband and I watch together most of the time so it's a shared activity and it creates a sort of "down time" activity to close the day.  Not to mention that by evening I don't really feel like doing anything that takes muscle or brain power.

Many of the shows don't require a lot of attention to follow so over the past few months I've started doing some TV projects.  They make the endless commercials or silly zombie killings a bit easier to deal with.  Presently I'm knitting...but, more about that later.  (Turns out that I've spent a life time knitting backwards...a habit difficult to unlearn.)

I had another go at a rug made with tee shirt scraps.  The first one is pictured at This post.  I learned a lot from that one and modified a bit of my technique and came up with this one which I like a lot better:

This took an amazing amount of time to make even with my modifications.  But it was an easy project, no cost, and perfect for in front of the TV.

Knitting on the other hand....well, let's just say that I'm enjoying it, but presently time spent knitting is equal to time spent un-knitting.  I'm getting a lot of mileage out of a little bit of yarn.


  1. I often think that we watch too much television too, but I suppose it's only a couple of hours a day. We tend to stick to the BBC most of the time as the adverts are so irritating. I've not been able to do any hand sewing in the evenings since I hurt my wrist and I miss it. Your rug is lovely and I bet it feels cosy; where are you going to use it?

  2. That's a nice rug. I think you said your last one didn't lay perfectly flat -- but it looks like this one does. I'm not a TV watcher but watched (using that term loosely) movies while I was quilting. It seems like I have to have something in my hands while the TV is on unless it's a movie with little conversation and/or lots of action. I'm sorry you have to unknit. I sometimes do a lot of unsewing. It seems more trouble than it's worth but I can't bring myself to just throw a project out and start again.