Thursday, April 11, 2013

From Easy Street to the Crib

I still haven't quilted my Easy Street quilt but I did manage to use most of the leftover units.
On this quilt as well as the last two (the random squares and llama wall hanging) I decided to try spray basting.  I really liked the spray.  It made it easier to quilt without having to constantly stop and remove pins.  I'm not sure it would work as well on a large piece but it might allow less pins to be used which would be an advantage.

In my continuing binding struggles I feel like I had a bit of success on this project.  The quilt police might not like the solution, but I was pleased with the results.  I've read a lot about bindings and taken pieces of all of the suggestions so sometimes it's difficult to give credit where it's due.  But this time a large part of this method came from Lelia at Sewn.  She has a binding tutorial here.  First of all, I used a store bought double fold binding this time.  It was sewn once in the fold (Lelia has great pictures) from the front and then again on the front using a serpentine stitch.  I tried samples of other stitching but the serpentine seemed to hide any unevenness the best.  Even the corners seemed to come nice:
Oh, and I treated myself to some binding clips.  I've seen others rave about these but they seemed pretty pricey for what basically looks like fancy chip clips.  I had a coupon so I decided to give them a try. They really are nice.  They're made just the right size to hold the binding evenly on the front and the back.  I know that there is also a little gadget to make your own double fold binding which would allow for more color variety.  I may give that a try.  Not every binding method is right for every quilt finish but I certainly will use this one again.

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  1. I love using up everything too, and this looks so cool! Congrats on binding!