Monday, April 1, 2013

Embracing Randomness

One of my projects this year was to work through a few Craftsy classes.  One of them is on Modern Quilting and I finally managed to finish the first project.  I've learned a lot about modern quilting in general.  It seems that to get the full effect of the modern quilting theme you need to start with modern prints and solids.  That was my first challenge since I live in a rather conservative area.  The bulk of the fabrics in local shops are fairly traditional in color and print.  My second challenge was to make something that I wanted to use in my kitchen....a kitchen that does not basically scream "modern decor."

I was pretty satisfied with the end product and I think it fits well on my kitchen table.  It gives the area a fresh look but still seems to blend with the rest of the room:

The focus of this lesson was about randomness.  Sometimes it's more difficult for me to construct something random than to follow a pattern.  So, it was a good exercise in general. 

I'm linking up with Lily's Small Blog Meet today. 


  1. That is very cute! Love the colours!

  2. This is great! I love your choice of fabrics, they work really well together. Stopping over from Lily's Quilts :-)

  3. So cute. Turned out great.
    Linking up with Lily's Quilts - Small Blog Meet

  4. A+ It looks awesome to me! Kudos to you for stepping out of your comfort zone!

  5. Great quilt. The harder I try to be random the worse I make if sometimes.

  6. I enjoyed making this little quilt too, though I have it hanging on my sewing room wall as it's not a good size for anything else. I've finished the next one in the class too, which I love and need to get quilted asap. And I've adapted the third quilt which I'm in the throes of quilting so I'll be able to show it soon. I'm enjoying doing some modern quilting too.

  7. Nice work, Nina. It looks lovely on your table. Did you buy the fabric online or were you able to find some locally? How many projects will you make for the craftsy class?

  8. Love your fabrics! great simple pattern

    1. Thanks. You have a lovely website. Thanks for stopping by.