Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Guild Top #2

My local quilt guild has a robust charity program with a great coordinator.  She starts by requesting blocks of a particular pattern from members and then organizes them into groups and looks for someone to stitch them together.  From there she packages them with border fabric, batting and backing and looks for a volunteer to quilt them.  Lastly at meetings there are often several women sewing on labels to complete the process.

At the most recent meeting I took home a group of blocks to stitch together.  The only instructions were the size (5 blocks by 7 blocks) and to make it totally random, which wasn't difficult since the blocks were so varied.  Here's the result:
Talk about scrappy!!  It will have a border to sort of calm it down a bit before it's done.  It sort of makes me crazy to look at and seems a bit chaotic.  The variety of fabric is amazing.  There is everything from Barbie fabric to lighthouses to autumn prints.  I like being part of the process.  I'm able to participate doing the parts that I like the best (Notice that I didn't volunteer for the binding!)  And it gives me lots of practice and experience with a new pattern.  I know that if I used a scrappy strip pattern for myself I would need to have something consistent to draw it all together.  But this will look great in the end and the recipient will be glad to have a bit of comfort while going through a tough time.


  1. I have to agree there needs to be a theme running through for me.
    Great that you are all making quilts for Charity though.

  2. I'm like you, Nina, I would have trouble with completely random placement. I'd like to see a few squares maybe - those blocks with thick, dark center strips forming the squares; or some other slight repetition. I do love the scrappiness of it. So many fabrics to look at!