Friday, April 19, 2013

Lessons from the Dog: Find Joy in the Routine Things

So much has been written about things that we can learn from our dogs - and so much of it is true!  One of the things I love about Seamus is his ability to get SO excited about everyday events.  I walk him everyday, but everyday he gets SO excited when he knows it's time to walk.  Everyday that walk is a special event to him.

Recently, he has come to love our weekend routine.  During the cooler months he accompanies us on our weekend errands.  He somehow knows when we're preparing for an errand run.  I put his harness on and the husband backs the car out of the garage.  Seamus and I wait inside listen for the beep of the horn telling us that it's time to load up.  While he waiting he dances and even whimpers with anticipation.  I open the house door and he RUNS for the car.  Occasionally he needs a bit of help to climb in but often the excitement comes with an adequate dose of adrenaline for him to haul his substantial body into the back seat. 

After a few minutes he settles down to his traveling spot:
And then it's off to our first stop - the coffee shop.  We use a drive up window and our order is often the same:  two supremo cinnamon vanilla lattes, one with whipped cream (the husband) and one without (me).  We love this coffee shop not only because they make great coffee drinks, but because they also treat Seamus.  And of course he has come to learn that a stop at the coffee shop means a treat for him.  So while we wait for the coffee he is sure to make his presence known by sticking his head toward the window and wagging that big hairy tail.  This ritual has come to be known as "coffee and a big bone."

He spends the rest of errand time waiting patiently for us in the car, happy to be with us and just loving life.


  1. I love the last photograph of Seamus, he's looking so happy and yet a little bit worried at the same time. Is he wondering whether there's going to be a treat? Ruby's the same. We take the same route on our walk every day and yet she's so excited, I imagine that the smells are just a bit different every day. And she loves to ride in the car or in the motorhome and leaps in every time she gets the chance.

  2. Toooooooo cute! Wish we had a Seamus, he looks so lovely :)

  3. My Gracie Lu is just like Seamus! She LOVES riding in the car. My little Sophia would rather stay at home though. I find I frequent places that treat my little girl too with a doggy bone!