Friday, April 26, 2013

The Circle of Life

It looks like we're robins, that is!  So, on the tails of the dove passing, we have the promise of new little robins to watch.

I have a feeder outside my sewing room window that sits right behind a holly tree.  Here's a picture from my window:

A few days ago I noticed a robin building a nest in the top of the tree.  It was so fascinating to watch her bring up building supplies and mud and then round out the nest to just the right size to fit her body.  She also "scolded" the birds trying to get seed from the feeder.  About this same time we had a lot of activity with window washing and cleaning around this window and tree.  I didn't see much more of Mrs. Robin so I assumed she had abandoned this location because of the activity.

But this morning when I went to the window I startled her.  She had been on the nest and when she flew off I saw a small clutch of eggs! 

A few minutes later she came back and parked herself on top of her eggs.  I saw Mr. Robin down below keeping watch and helping with the protection detail.  I've decided to suspend putting seed in that feeder for a few weeks to give her some quiet and tranquility for nesting and raising her little ones.

You can find facts on robins here:  It takes robins 12-14 days for the eggs to hatch and then about another two weeks before they fly away.  I'm so excited to have a front row seat to the whole experience.  Or should I say "a bird's eye view"?


  1. We're just about needing to put out extra suet feeders as lots of the tits in our garden have fledglings and we want to encourage them to keep coming as they give us such pleasure.

  2. Lovely post, Nina, isn't nature grand? A 'bird's eye view ' indeed - funny lady :D

  3. How exciting, Nina! And to be able to take photographs is wonderful. I hope you'll keep us posted with photos.

  4. Mr. and Mrs. Red Breast made a nest near my home, but, they weren't very careful with their eggs. I found them scattered in my daylilly garden.