Thursday, August 30, 2012

Take Five Quilt

This is the quilt I made in tandem with the blue quilt I just wrote about.  I used a pattern called Take Five  The idea is that you take five minutes to choose five fabrics and sew this quilt in five hours. It took me more than five hours, of course.  I was attracted to the pattern because I wanted to make a bold, modern quilt for son #2 and his wife and the sample of this pattern in my favorite quilt store appealed to me.  I also thought a more modern style would fit their taste better.  Browns and greens are favorite colors.  In fact, the shiny fabric I used for the label was part of the favors given out at their wedding last year.  Once the blocks are made in this pattern you can change the orientation for a more random effect.  I choose to leave the blocks in the original orientation.  I liked the pattern that the different fabrics created along the diagonal of the quilt.

My piecing is still not completely even but this pattern camoflauges a lot of that.  I decided to quilt it with a diagonal pattern and rather than make the pattern itself even throughout the piece, I quilted from corner to corner of each square following the irregularities of the piecing.  I love the result.  I don't think that the eye notices when the lines are slightly off from each other, but the eye does seem to appreciate the centered X in each block.

I'm going to take a bit of a break from quilts for awhile.  I have several small projects I want to work on and the yard is looking a bit scraggly again.  But I'm already thinking about what my next quilt project will be!

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