Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Trend Setter!

A few weeks ago I wrote about a bald headed cardinal who has been frequenting my bird feeder.  She continues to visit and has not yet grown back any feathers, but it appears as though she is a trend setter.  I now have a bald headed Blue Jay who visits along with some Cardinals who were not brave enough to lose all of their head feathers but were able to sport a single feather crown as a compromise.  I wish I could catch some pictures to show you, but they're quick little things and my movements inside seem to frighten them away.  I've learned that Cardinals and Blue Jays sometimes molt in this fashion in the late summer and fall and that they should soon be regaining their head feathers.  In the meantime, my admiration for these odd looking creatures grows. If indeed birds have self confidence, it seems like these baldies are at the top of the list!

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