Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Very Favorite "Dog Day"

I posted about this last year, but another Dog Swim Day has come and gone.  Once a year our town pool allows dogs and their owners to swim.  It's always on Labor Day weekend just before they drain the pool and winterize it.  Seamus LOVES to swim and being able to join him in the water is a real treat for me.  He likes to retrieve but he is just as happy to swim out to me and swim back to the edge even without a toy to grab.  I was afraid the event would be cancelled this year since the day started off very rainy.  But we were told that absent any lightening or thunder we were welcomed to swim. 
Although this picture looks almost exactly like the one I posted last year, it is a new one.  I can see just how much he has greyed in the last year.  But he swam and swam and swam seemingly without tiring; although he did sleep pretty soundly that night!  He was awarded a coupon for a doggie ice cream bowl at our local ice cream stand.  Perhaps tonight we will make use of it.

The admission cost (just $2.00) for the event is donated this year to a group called Happy Dogs Unleashed.  They are trying to raise money for a local dog park where friendly dogs can play without being on a lead.  Apparently most of the cost is for fencing in the area.  Petsmart was also on hand providing tennis balls and general support.

We always enjoy watching the other dogs and their owners interact.  Our favorite this year was a little girl about seven years old.  She had a small fluffy dog (couldn't identify the breed...especially soaking wet) that she was determined was going to swim with her.  The dog wanted NO part of the water.  She would try to lead him in as he pulled the other way on the lead.  Then she would finally pick him up and carry him into the pool.  He would scramble until he was again on dry land and then she would start the process all over again.  That was one determined little miss!  The dogs tolerance to the whole situation is also a testament to his good nature.

I wish we could do this more often but for now I'll just have to wait until next year.

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  1. What a wonderful idea, I've never heard of it before. Unfortunately we don't have open air pools here in the UK, or I'd seriously think about suggesting it.