Wednesday, August 29, 2012

White Oak Canyon Falls

Up until a few years ago I did quite a bit of hiking with my dog.  About once a month when the weather allowed we would do a fairly extended hike usually somewhere in Shenandoah National Park or in the National Forest.  But I haven't continued the practice of late for a variety of reasons.  This past week, however, Seamus and I were invited to join son #2 and his wife on a hike to a waterfall and swimming hole.  Most of the hikes to falls along Skyline Drive require you to hike down to the fall and then once your good and tired to hike UP hill back to your starting point.  The trail head for this hike was at the bottom of the mountain so that process was reversed allowing you to hike uphill while your energy reserves were at their greatest.  It was just a little over a mile from parking lot to destination which was a good distance for both Seamus and me.  Although we walk a mile each day, it isn't uphill or on a rocky path.  The trail followed a stream so Seamus was able to take several dips into the water before we made it to the actual swimming hole.  Son #2 also brought his dog.  She is a small mixed breed of the same age as Seamus and the two get along like best buddies.  It was a fun, fun day all around.  Seamus got to be in the woods, around his family and best dog buddy.  I got to spend some time with son #2 and his wife and see a part of the park I had never seen before.  We were a bit sore the next day, but it was worth it!

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  1. It sounds like a lovely day. One of the joys of having a dog is to get out and about walking in different places isn't it. We're certainly enjoying the extra walking we do now that we have Ruby.