Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Martin Clunes Teaches Me About Good Looks

We hear so much about inner and outer beauty and the relative value of each.  Our recent "Doc Martin" marathon gave me new perspective on appearance.  During the very first episodes of the series that we watched, I commented to my husband that Martin Clunes was particularly unattractive.(Hang with me here....be sure to read the rest of this comment before getting upset with that opinion, please.)  As you may know, he plays a doctor with a particularly sour personality and is frequently frowning.  On the rare occasion during the series when he was happy, usually when with Louisa, his love interest, he would smile briefly and you would get a glimpse of a totally transformed appearance.  Next we watched the Doc Martin movies, which although they have the same name, really are NOT the same story.  This character has a more normal range of emotions.  His brow is not constantly knit into a frown and he frequently smiles with both his mouth AND his eyes.  Suddenly Martin Clunes' looks were greatly improved!  He no longer looked unattractive.  You tended to focus on the positive  attributes of his appearance.  I'm convinced that the eyes were the key.  His smile included all parts of his face when playing this character.  So, my conclusion (besides admiring this actors ability to totally transform himself based on the character he is playing) is that looks are greatly improved by positive attitude.  A genuine smile is attractive on any face.  And a scowl is unattractive on any face.

So then, perhaps inner beauty is in fact reflected outwardly.  And a smile is a whole lot less expensive than cosmetics and surgery.  Thanks for the insight, Martin!

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