Monday, August 13, 2012

A Vacation to Share With Your Dog

I always enjoy vacations that we take with our Golden Retriever, Seamus.  Usually our beach vacations and some trips to a cabin in the woods are our best adventures.  I would love to include him more but the logistics of traveling with a large dog are often difficult.  Even places that claim to be dog friendly often have a weight limit much lower than Seamus' 92 pounds!  And when the weather is warm, leaving him in the car while we shop or visit somewhere is not an option. 

This Sunday in the Washington Post there was an article about a place called Dog Mountain in Vermont.  Their web site (link above) explains all about the place, but basically it is a great park for pets and their owners to enjoy together.  It is owned privately but open to the public.  The founder was an artist and when you look at the site you will probably recognize his artwork from items you have seen for sale in several popular catalogs.  He built a chapel on the property which has become a sort of memorial for pets no longer with us.  But apart from that bit of somberness, the place is made for action.  There are hiking trails and a nice pond for dogs to swim, agility equipment and NO leash laws.  Several times a year they have a party for people and their pets and encourage canine and human interaction.  There is also a gift shop and an online store selling the artists products.  I'm so thrilled with this whole concept that I want to buy something just to support the endeavor!

There is also a list of dog friendly accommodations in the area - mostly private bed and breakfasts that not only allow dogs, but embrace them.  So, we haven't visited here yet, but I would love to make this an outing this fall or spring.  I've wanted to go to Maine, but maybe Vermont is close enough and even a better dog experience all around.  I think Seamus is voting "yes".  When I was playing a short video posted on the site that included dogs barking while enjoying the pond - he started barking back!

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Now we have a dog we are beginning to realise some of the limitations - but she's worth it.