Monday, September 2, 2013

All Quiet on the Birding Front

We've noticed less action at our birdfeeders in the past week or so.  And when you sit outside there is much less "bird chatter".  In fact it is eerily quiet at times.  A look up at the power lines shows only one or two mourning doves on sentry duty.  And when I see birds at my feeders they look almost worried.  They eat quickly, quietly and then disappear.

I think this is the reason why:

This was actually the third time this year that I've sited a hawk.  I think this is a red tailed hawk, although I'm not too experienced on identifying hawks, so if anyone has an opinion, I'd love to hear it.  Red tailed are the largest and most common in this area...and this guy is BIG.

I had spied this guy a few days ago while working in the yard.  He actually flew within 10 feet of me.  This morning he was sitting on top of a house about a block from me when I walked by with the dog.  And he stayed there long enough for me to go home, call my husband, get the binoculars and have a look.....and even longer while we loaded the car for a trip to the store, grabbed the camera and stopped to shoot some pictures.

So I guess the birds are scared of becoming a hawk meal.  I'm sure they'll return once he moves on to a different hunting ground.

Here is a better picture of a red tailed hawk that I got here:


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  1. Tough on the local birds, but how exciting to see a different bird and be able to get a good shot of it too.