Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day, like many of our holidays gets a bit lost in the fun of a long weekend and the extra time off.  But last evening I was given an unexpected reason to celebrate.

It was just about starting to get dark and the husband I were watching TV when the doorbell rang and the dog barked (I guess just in case we didn't hear the doorbell?)  Now, my husband will tell you that if a kid comes to the door selling dirt I will buy it.  And, that's just about true.  I remember selling door to door as a child for various school activities and I remember my boys trying to do the same thing.  If you are under 18 and manage to come to my door trying to sell something, just about every time I will buy. 

Anyway, last night two sisters about 8 and 10 came to my door selling homemade bread!  They had dressed in nice summer skirts and tops, they had a paper to hand to me with their information, a beautifully packaged product and were prepared to make change.  They had just baked the bread that morning.  They let me know that I could reorder by phone or email and that I might want to consider them for holiday baking. Of course I bought a loaf.  And it was delicious and perfectly baked.  I've done a bit of bread baking in my time and I know how difficult it can be to get an even textured loaf that is well baked, but not too dry; light but not too crumbly.  This bread hit every mark.

I could make an entire list of all the good character qualities represented in their activity from learning how to bake to caring about there dress and initial impression to attention to details such as change, written information on how to contact them for reorders and well, just plain getting out there. They weren't discourage by being too young or inexperienced to work.  They weren't looking for a donation  They offered a good product at a fair price.  I'm excited to be their customer.  They may continue for a short or a long time, but their will be many lessons learned.  Perhaps they will go on to own a bakery.  Or perhaps they will decide that they don't want to work that way and will go on to find another career.  I know this....they will work at something because they know the value of work and realize the importance of doing a good job even at the small details.

Brava, girls!  I'm already planning on buying more and I think everyone on my list needs a loaf of homemade bread with their Christmas presents!



  1. Enterprising young women, and the bread looks delicious! BTW, I have some ocean front property in Arizona.......LOL