Thursday, September 12, 2013

A "Not Quite Finished "

I finished the top of the next project in my Craftsy class: Inspired Modern Quilts with Elizabeth Hartman.  These projects make me think about color, shape and design in new ways.  Since I certainly won't get this quilted until next month, I wanted to share the finished top.  The class project is actually the center part.  I wanted it to be slightly larger so I added the elephants on the top and bottom:
One of the concepts that isn't too well represented here is negative space.  It seems like a lot of modern compositions have a lot of negative space - often as much as the designed space.  But my log cabins grew a bit large.  The other challenge is taking a wonky block and making it fit into a non wonky finished quilt shape.  There ends up to be a lot of trimming involved and a fair amount of wasted fabric.  I would think that over time you get better at that. I found that I got a bit more relaxed and "wonkier" as I went on.  The block on the top left was my first and you can see that it's not as wonky as the rest.

My plan for the rest of this is to bind it in yellow or maybe bright green, use a flannel backing (I love the chevron prints in flannel that I've seen, but I also think that an animal print might carry the theme nicely) and do some free motion all over quilting.  This is going to be the "Nana's house baby blanket" for the grand baby arriving early next year.

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  1. It looks lovely, and a flannel backing sounds really cosy. I started these blocks ages ago, and have no idea where they are now, so hope to get back to the classes again soon.