Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Puppies and Babies - Is There Any Cuter Combination?

We have been visiting our puppies twice a week at the kennel.  We've become attached to SO many of the dogs there. There's Hudson who likes to play catch with a tennis ball; Titan (one of our puppy daddies) who, though he is excited to see us, is always the gentleman; Clyde who can climb a chain link fence (really!); Lacey our baby mommy who just wants love; Meg, our other baby mommy who just loves to lick; Scarlett, another mommy who needs some serious R&R after having an active litter of 7 and on and on. We usually visit with our pockets full of Milkbones for all!

Yesterday we brought Winter, our granddaughter and her Mom with us for our puppy visit.  We figured it was time the "kids" met each other.  She looks a bit curious in this picture.  What you can't see is her other hand touching the puppy's face and the puppy tasting her fingers! I think they'll make a great pair.

This guy is Aiden.  He will come live with us November 21!  On November 22 you can probably call me Sleepless.

Two  weeks later our girl (who will maybe be named Fiona...still keeping the options open) comes home to join the fun.


  1. Can we say "ADORABLE OVERLOAD"?????? Oh my! I can see it now! They are going to be great friends!

  2. they often are the best of pals

  3. Twins! LOL ... how cute are they?! And the little pink bow? Sigh ... :)

  4. Winter is seriously adorable! And she looks so serious in the photo. Don't you wonder what she's thinking? So tomorrow Aiden comes to live with you! How very exciting. And then he's going to have a sister? Two puppies! You will probably be very busy for a while, but what fun!