Wednesday, May 8, 2013

News from the Nest

Recently I reported that a  robin is "with eggs" just outside my sewing room window.  I've been keeping a daily watch on the little family to be and can report that Mrs. Robin continues to sit on her nest.  Occasionally a loud noise from my sewing room will scare her and she will step off for a bit.  Mr. Robin occasionally takes a turn sitting on the eggs to give her a bit of a break.  He kind of overflows the nest a bit and doesn't fit in as nicely as the Mrs. She has faithfully sat through several days of rain without complaint protecting her babies. The nest is held together with mud and I worry that all the dampness is taking a toll on the structural integrity.  It looks a bit droopy lately. But, those little robins should be ready to break out any day now making me a birdy grandma! Here's the latest picture taken through the window and blinds before we started our rainy season.  She seems to be looking right at the camera!


  1. Birdy Grandma! LOL I hope they do better than my Robin family! :-(

  2. It must be a real joy to be able to keep a daily eye on their progress, and a privilege to be so close too. Fingers crossed that it all works out for the robins after all their hard work.

  3. I've wondered about birds' nests in the rain, too, and whether they have to be repaired when the weather dries out. But I've seen plenty of nests in October and November that have been uninhabited and rained on for several months and they seem to be in good shape. Maybe the birds use something more than just mud that helps the nests maintain their structural integrity for a while. I love bird nests but I've never studied how the birds make them. (Maybe I'll bet to one of your more recent posts and see that the birds have hatched....)