Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Empty Nest

Our baby robins have left the nest.
They grew fast and strong.  Here are some pictures of them at different "ages:
Young and featherless.....

A tad bit bigger:

And bigger yet:

Mama and Daddy did a great job of feeding this brood.  But then a few days ago as I was watching them, one got shoved out of the nest to a branch right beside!  He couldn't figure out how to get back because of the placement of the branches.  Mama seemed to ignore him when she brought food and I became worried.  I thought we had a potential bird crisis.  I kept checking on him.  It seemed like he was having a difficult time holding onto the branch.  Then, one check found him gone!  I ran downstairs hoping I didn't find a bird splat, but there he was, a few feet below the nest on another branch:

I was still kind of worried, but apparently all is well in the robin world.  We left for a short time and when we came back he was gone.  I thought I would see the babies hopping around the ground for a day or two learning how to be robins, but it seems as though these fellas just flew off to live the rest of their days as happy robins.

The other two remained in the nest.  I checked on them that evening and a second baby was standing on the edge of the nest.  It seemed like he wanted to fly but wasn't quite sure.  By morning there was only one left:

He too stood on the edge for quite awhile this morning.  Finally while my back was turned, he flew away.  So all three babies are launched into the robin-y world.  And I've refilled the feeder that I let go empty to give Mrs. Robin a bit of peace to raise her family.  I'm sure my usual customers will soon discover that the feeder is again operational.

It's been such a joy and privilege to have this close up and inside look at the robin family.  I've learned a lot about nesting birds and robins in particular.  If fact we're thinking of putting up some bird houses in the backyard to try to attract other nesting birds.  But this up close view right outside my window was so very special.  And I'll wonder as I see robins in the yard now if any of them are "my babies." 


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  2. Have loved following this story, Nina, I feel a little sad they've grown up already! I'm sure they will come back and visit their Mom :)

  3. Wow, I didn't realize how very fast they became independent. I hope the robin parents return to the nest outside your window for another round. Thanks for sharing it all with us, Nina.

  4. They grow so quickly. It's been fun to read about their life story so far. Perhaps one of them will be back next year to build their own nest.