Thursday, May 9, 2013

News From the Nest: We Have Babies!!

Late yesterday morning Mrs. Robin's eggs hatched!!  I was able to see her feeding them only one time and snapped this picture which isn't the greatest.  You can see a worm in her mouth that she fed to the little ones if you are able to make the picture larger.  I could count two "robinettes", but there might be a third in there.  She still spends a lot of time on the nest and they seem to spend most of the day napping.  I'm going to try to catch feeding time again and get a better picture.  It would help if the sun would come out to improve the shot.  The baby birds blend in with the nest so they are extremely hard to see in the picture.  And once they start their chirping I should have a better idea of when to go to the window.
This morning is cloudy but sunshine is promised this afternoon, so maybe I'll be able to catch a good picture!


  1. How exciting. I can't manage to work out which are babies and which is tree, but hopefully you'll be able to get some better photographs in time.

  2. Oh, how exciting, Nina! Congratulations, Grandma.