Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Country Threads Block of the Month: May

I feel like I'm way behind on my sewing projects and my blogging.  May has been busy from the start.  Last weekend was our neighborhood yard sale and in keeping with my New Year's resolution to continually declutter, we did some major cleaning out and successfully found homes for many of our belongings.  But yard sales are work before and after which severely cut into sewing time.  I'm catching up now thanks to several days of rain.

So, first off, here are my May Country Thread Block of the Month blocks:
And the whole collection up to now:

So, here are my new thoughts on this experience.  I like the idea of a block a month and building the quilt little by little.  In this case I even know what it will look like in the end since a picture of the whole quilt was provided.  But as the months go by, I change little by little as a quilter.  My fabric collection changes a bit, my eye for color, even my cutting and piecing skill change.  So as the months go on I sometimes become less happy with blocks I made in the beginning.  Some of these blocks I like and some I'm not too happy with for one reason or another.  I've only redone one of this batch and my new decision is not to redo any more until I get to the end.  Even though a color may look out of place now, once everything is considered it might fit in just fine. 

Tomorrow is suppossed to be rainy again, so perhaps I can catch up a bit more.


  1. I wish I had a motivation like that to get my husband de-cluttering! I know what you mean about changing through the course of a BOM and I think you're right to play the waiting game, they'll all probably come together well in the end and they'll still tell a story about you as a quilter. We've had some lovely weather recently so I've been doing lots of gardening and some dress making. Today has dawned wet and windy, sadly.

  2. I missed out on my city wide yard sale. They never promote it good enough. I could have gotten rid of a lot too. Hope your's was a huge success!

  3. Ugh...I hate doing garage sales. We are moving and downsizing into a smaller place (retirement!!! yay!!!) and took an entire pickup load of garage sale items to a local charity that has a huge garage sale every May to raise funds for juvenile diabetes. I know we could have made a couple hundred dollars (and could have used the money, too), but honestly, by that point stress-wise with everything the move entails, we would have paid someone to take the stuff away.

  4. I understand that feeling too. I like to remember to enjoy the process too! I like blocks of the month and yours looks great!

  5. Nina, I'm even more behind in my blog reading than you are in your blog writing! I like your blocks and I can imagine them working well together, especially considering that you'll be adding more. As I've been hand quilting (at 4 stitches per inch!) I've been thinking about what's important - doing it perfectly or accepting where I am (as far as my level of ability) and moving forward from there. I finally decided that I can't do any better than I can do right now, and I can't possibly rip out every stitch of any quilt I've ever quilted and requilt them.

    Maybe you will look back on this quilt in a year or two and remember where you were and see how you've changed and improved and be grateful you left each block as you first created it.