Friday, May 10, 2013

Craftsy Finish: Low Volume Tiles

This is the second project from the Craftsy class Inspired Modern Quilts taught by Elizabeth Hartman.  I'm really enjoying her lessons.  She has a great teaching style.  This project is made of 12 blocks that each contain 12 different fabrics cut into 12 different sized blocks.  So there are no two identical pieces in the entire piece.  It ends up measuring about 30" x 40".
I decided to try to make this binding using the Clover bias tool.  It worked well, but I wish I had gotten the next size up.

I'm a bit confused about the function of this piece.  It's about the right size for a crib quilt, but the composition doesn't seem to a child's quilt.  So for now, it will just be part of my "collection".  In case my artsy photo on the chair doesn't provide a good overall view here are the front and back straight on:


  1. I could see this quilt being used for a baby who comes to visit grandma. Sometimes I think low volume quilts need more variety in fabrics than other quilts. I like how you pieced the back.

  2. I've done some of these classes too, and agree about the size, they don't seem to be the right size for anything in particular, too big for a wall quilt, too small to be of much use for anything else. I'm probably going to end up adding some borders and turn them into donation lap quilts.

  3. I definitely think this could be a boys baby blanket. It reflects the modern movement right now. I love it!