Monday, October 7, 2013

A Visit to Oz

This weekend the husband (for the purpose of this post, he is now "my Wizard") and I packed the car, traveled the twists of turns of the tornado road and landed in the Land of Oz.  You can find the Land of Oz on your Google Map by searching for Beech Mountain, North Carolina.

From 1970 to 1980 there was a fully operational park at the top of Emerald Mountain known as the Land of Oz.  It was much loved my many people but the advent of parks such as Disney World put an end to many of the smaller, less spectacular attractions like this one.  Several years ago some people who were fans of both the movie and the park decided to try to restore it to be able to share with another generation.  Each year the park is opened up to the public and admission fees help to pay for additional restoration.
My Wizard wore a tee-shirt that said, "I am the man behind the curtain." and countless people stopped to comment on it!  I know he is a Wizard because he makes things happen that I once thought weren't possible.  He and I had a great time meeting all the characters who were not only dressed in costume but who spoke and acted totally in character.  Dorothy's house was great...and just so you don't think that sewing was completely out of my mind - Auntie Em had an old Singer machine in one of the bedrooms.  There was also a museum filled with original props from the movie, the theme park and a set of first edition books.

I am a well established fan of the Wizard of Oz as is my blogging friend, Jen of Glinda Quilts.  Several months ago I won a giveaway on her blog and she made me a great pants bag to use when traveling. I not only used it for packing, but brought it with me to the park (absent my pants) so that I could have Glinda the Good Witch pose with the pants bag:
My Wizard and I are already planning on going back again next year.  We might upgrade from tee-shirts to costumes.  May I never again make fun of the Star Trek conventions!


  1. Bless you, Nina - I love it! So jealous of my Pants Bag! Next time we're over the water visiting the family, they have GOT to take me to Oz! In fact, I want to go nowwwwwwww :D

  2. Oh! My! Word! Too funny! Glad you were able to go and visit!

  3. What a fun day out. I'm afraid I've never been a great WOO fan, though I did enjoy a couple of productions that my sons were in when they were much younger. Number One Son played the Wizard when he was ten and then the scarecrow when he was about fourteen, and Number Two Son played a guard at Oz city when he was about twelve. I got a bit confused by your Pants Bag as I know Americans call trousers pants, but I reckon it's what I'd call a knickers bag, or if I was feeling posh, a lingerie bag.