Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Look at 2012

I think I'm finally catching up after the holidays.  Not quite there yet, but well on my way.  I continued a "tradition" (if two years makes a tradition) that I started last year.  Throughout the year I made a block from the leftover scraps of each of the quilts I made and then put them together into a wall hanging for the wall of my sewing room. (I really need to get into the habit of calling it my sewing studio.  That sounds much grander!)  So, here is the 2012 edition:
Sorry for the bad picture.  I guess that's the "not quite caught up" part of the post holiday season.  Anyway, in addition to a representation of each quilt, a few blocks are reminders of projects, like my tartan tote bag and some pillows and cloth books.  I got to quilt this on my new Baby Lock using a decorative stitch and some embroidery at the bottom.  As usual, I wasn't pleased with the binding application.  I need to just admit that I like the look of a hand finished binding even if I don't like the time it takes to bind it that way.  I've tried several methods of machine sewing the binding and haven't found one that I really like.

I've realized that a summary quilt will get harder as the years go on since some fabrics are used in several quilts or scrappy quilts are made making it more difficult to separate everything out.   But for now, this little project makes a nice post to link with the Small Blog Meet at Lilly's Quilts.


  1. That's a fun idea to use leftovers to make a quilt/wall hanging. Maybe I'll do that.... Happy New Year, Nina.

  2. I prefer hand binding as well. I do machine bind baby quilts though. It just makes me feel a little better that they won't pick it apart.

  3. I do both types of binding and it's all depending on my mood! Do you and keep having fun. I came over from Lily's blog sooo nice to meet you!